What Are Karmic Relationships?

//What Are Karmic Relationships?

What Are Karmic Relationships?

Karmic Relationships relate to connections from past lives. Depending on how energy sensitive or empathic you are, you may recognize a karmic connection instantly.

Relationships of this nature can come in many forms, you could be lovers, or you could be enemies! Usually you can just ‘feel it’.

For example, when you get that feeling of instant trust with a new person you meet, or even love at first sight.  You feel a kind of ‘knowing’ deep inside that you have met this person before, often this will have been in a previous life.  Karmic attraction can be a very powerful thing!

But it’s not always about good feelings about someone, sometimes its exactly the opposite.  It could be that you feel very uncomfortable with someone new, you may feel fear or unease, you might not be able to look someone in the eye, or feel really awkward around them with no explicable reason.

It could be that you had a karmic relationship with this person, you may have unfinished business, you may have been in conflict with them. You could even have been warriors in battle and caused harm to each other, or even a family member that caused you harm or distress.

Karmic Energy

chakraI often wonder what karmic energy would look like if we could see it, but very few people can. Some people who can see aura’s would describe many different colours of energy, depending on the past life connections.

But I can only describe it in feelings, sometimes good karmic energy would be described as ‘butterflies in your tummy’ similar to newly being in love, and bad karmic energy may be described as ‘that gut feeling’ which is actually your chakras responding to an energy outside of you. It could feel like ‘a knot in your stomach’.

Energy between people can take many forms, after all, when it comes down to it, energy is what we are all made of, sometimes our energies will clash, and sometimes they will mingle beautifully.

If you want to look more deeply into your karmic relationships / energetic connections with any other person, check out the Destiny Cards Relationship Compatibility Report.

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