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Are you and your partner soul mates? Or do you have a past life ‘score’ to settle!?!

You will be ASTOUNDED & AMAZED by how accurately ‘The Cards of Destiny’ describes your relationships!

  • Have you ever felt like you know someone, but you know you have never met them before?
  • Have you ever felt very uncomfortable in the presence of a complete stranger and never know why?
  • Do you believe that you and your partner have shared past lives together?
  • Do you feel like you may have a past life score to settle?

The Destiny Relationship Compatibility report could have the answers you have been searching for!!

Using this amazing mystical science, and your date of birth, the system works out all the past life karmic influences that have sometimes profound effects on your relationships in this life.

You know those feeling of

  • ‘Love / hate at first sight’
  • ‘Instant inexplicable trust/distrust’
  • ‘Feeling like you have known someone before even though you have never met’

Now you can find out why!

You may be ‘Karmic Twins’ ~ You may have been in a loving relationship before that was never consummated and the passion come out in this life.
You may been fellow warriors, or wartime enemies…

A Destiny Relationship Compatibility Report will reveal up to 10 karmic connections between you and you partner; family member; or even a business associate.

The information contained in the report will leave you stunned as you recognise the connections described within it. By knowing these karmic connections, you have have an amazing insight and a much deeper understanding of your relationships. You will understand more of your partners personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, some of which may have not been aware of before, and vice versa. And also the effects they have on your present relationship.

Reports are approximately 35 pages long and have up to 10 connections
Reports are not automated so please allow 24 hours for delivery to your email (PDF File)
Destiny Relationship Compatibility reports make an idea for a wedding or engagement gift!
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