Destiny Love Triangle Report

//Destiny Love Triangle Report

Destiny Love Triangle Report


Are you caught in a Love Triangle and don’t know which way to turn?

This report will help you decide which way to turn, and give you huge insight into why this situation arose
It gives you insight into BOTH relationships, an amazing tool to help you make the correct choices.

Reports are approx 35 pages long and have up to 10 connections each.

Normally Love Cards reports are £24.99 each, however, by choosing the Love Triangle Reports, you will receive both reports for just £37.99, a saving of £12.00

To order your Love Triangle Report, please complete the following:


  • Main Person (both reports include this person):

    Person One:

    Person Two:


Are you stuck in a ‘Love Triangle’?

Love Triangle Reports
(2 individual reports to compare your relationships!)

  • Are you in a situation where you are already with someone, and you have met someone new?
  • Are you getting feelings about someone that you cannot explain, even though you are already in a relationship?
  • has someone walked into your life and really ‘rocked your world’? when you were not expecting it?
  • Are you already in a relationship, but can’t help falling in love in someone else?
  • Are you having to choose between two people?
  • Could the new person you have met be your true soulmate?
  • Do you feel like you already know them?


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