Business Partnership Compatibility Report

/Business Partnership Compatibility Report

Business Partnership Compatibility Report


  • Are you and your business partner / associate compatible?
  • Is / will working together be easy or challenging?

The success of any relationship is never determined by your Birth Card(s) or the connections alone. Though some cards have it easier than others,  ultimately it is each of you who hold the responsibility for the success or failure of your relationships. This report will act as a guide to help both of you achieve success.  It consists of two separate parts:

  1. Descriptions of each person’s Birth Cards & Planetary Ruling Cards, and how you connect energetically.
  2. A list of the connections you share, explaining how the business relationship will be experienced from by both parties.

To order a business partner / associates report, please complete the following information (please allow 24 – 48 hours for delivery to your email address):

  • Person One:

    Person Two:


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