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Choose from theses Destiny Card Reports: Yearly Destiny Report, Life Destiny Report, Destiny Love Cards, Love Triangle and System 52 Business Report.

  • The Yearly Destiny Report report contains over 30 pages* of fascinating information about your life right now, right up to your next birthday. Contents include:
    • Information about Destiny Cards and How to Read Them
    • Birth Card Look Up Chart  (so you can check the cards of people around you)
    • Full Birth Card Description
    • Full Planetary Ruling Card Description
    • Auspicious Events (if any)
    • Year Long Cards
    • Planetary Period Cards,covering a whole year, reports always run from birthday to birthday
    To order your Yearly Destiny Report, please complete the following (please allow 24-28 hours for delivery to your email address):
  • Are you and your partner soul mates? Or do you have a past life 'score' to settle!?! You will be ASTOUNDED & AMAZED by how accurately 'The Cards of Destiny' describes your relationships and connections! By knowing these karmic connections, you have have an amazing insight and a much deeper understanding of your relationships. You will understand more of your partners personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, some of which may have not been aware of before, and vice versa. And also the effects they have on your present relationship. To order your Relationship Compatibility Report please complete the following information (please allow 24 - 48 hours for delivery to your email address):
  • Are you caught in a Love Triangle and don't know which way to turn? This report will help you decide which way to turn, and give you huge insight into why this situation arose It gives you insight into BOTH relationships, an amazing tool to help you make the correct choices. Reports are approx 35 pages long and have up to 10 connections each. Normally Love Cards reports are £24.99 each, however, by choosing the Love Triangle Reports, you will receive both reports for just £37.99, a saving of £12.00 To order your Love Triangle Report, please complete the following: