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Three Of Diamonds Birth Card

Three of Diamonds Destiny Birth Card

3 Of Diamonds Birth Card Dates

  • 24th January
  • 22nd February
  • 20th March
  • 18th April
  • 16th May
  • 14th June
  • 12th July
  • 10th August
  • 8th September
  • 6th October
  • 4th November
  • 2nd December

This is considered one of the more difficult of the life paths of all the cards, especially when the Three of Diamonds Birth Card relates to a woman. Indecision in values along with past life karma (Six of Hearts Karma Card) in relationships cause many challenges in the affectional life. A natural interest in metaphysics should be cultivated if they are to know more peace in their lives and overcome the many hurdles and temptations.

They always know what is right and wrong, though sometimes they try to ignore what they know. They have more satisfaction in business where they can travel or do various different things. There is usually someone younger for whom they must make sacrifices for, often one of their children.

With three nines in their Life Path, their later life can be disappointing, UNLESS they have developed their spiritual side, which will give them peace and solace and wisdom. These people are here to try many “things” on for size and then to settle on the truth. They are very creative.

Some of them discover a divine mission and follow a lofty path where their innate creativity serves a higher purpose where they find peace and contentment.

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