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Ten of Hearts Birth Card

Destiny Birth Card - 10 of Hearts

10 Of Hearts Birth Card Dates

  • 31st July
  • 29th August
  • 27th September
  • 25th October
  • 23rd November
  • 21st December

Like the Ace of Hearts, Ten of Hearts Birth Card people have much ambition in their life and could stray off the path of truth as a result. However, they have already experienced the truth and have the knowing that is their birthright to guide them at each step on the way. They are creative and usually artistic. They are leaders, not followers.

They love children and groups of people that they may regard as their children. They are innovators and can make a great contribution in their chosen field as long as they exercise clarity in their judgment. Their motives can either be humanitarian or selfish, and this usually has a lot to do with their ultimate destination.

They are independent and often impulsive but this is usually kept in balance by their wisdom. They can make a unique mark on the world through the application of their inherent gifts. They are usually gentle and wise people – at least the wisdom is there. Their wisdom is their protector and guiding light.

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