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Seven Of Clubs Birth Card

Destiny Birth Card - Seven of Clubs

7 Of Clubs Birth Card Dates

  • 29th March
  • 27th April
  • 25th May
  • 23rd June
  • 21st July
  • 19th August
  • 17th September
  • 15th October
  • 13th November
  • 11th December

All sevens are highly spiritual cards but it is up to the individual to manifest this spirituality and to turn negativity into accomplishment. The challenge with those with the Seven of Clubs Birth Card rests in the negative aspects of the mind which are worry, doubt and pessimism. They have much inherent inspiration and insight, but when they don’t follow it, Saturn’s influence brings much despair and sometimes depression. They have power to overcome their problems and to attain the fame and recognition they secretly desire, but they must apply themselves diligently.

They are likely to have large sums of money at different times in their life, but often they spend it as fast as they get it. All their difficulties in life can be traced directly to their thoughts. So the Seven of Clubs, more than any other card, has a great responsibility to maintain positive, healing thoughts.

Any contact with spiritual thought or ideals is sure to have a positive effect on them and is highly recommended.

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