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Nine Of Spades Birth Card

Destiny Birth Card - 9 of Spades

9 Of Spades Birth Card Dates

  • 5th January
  • 3rd February
  • 1st March

The nine of spades birth card is the strongest of the universal nines, with the strongest call towards letting go and completions in life. Among these people you will find those whose lives are filled with losses, and others whose lives are filled with giving and fulfilment.

These people can never completely ignore their inherent spirituality or psychic side. Those that acknowledge this important part of themselves are guided to a life of universal giving. In this regard, some of them can make the greatest contributions to the world.

Many are successful artists, teachers, or performers. The King of Hearts Karma and Venus card gives them strong emotional and love power and wisdom that can bring much success to them as well as guide them through some of the endings they are sure to encounter. Many are artistically talented.

The broader the scope of their work, and the more they focus on giving to larger groups, the more their inherent power shines and they rise to prominence on their mission of love.

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