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King Of Spades Birth Card

Destiny Birth Cards - King of Spades

King Of Spades Birth Card Dates

  • 1st January

The people with the King Of Spades Birth Card are masters of anything they decide to do. Unless the men decide to stay as Jacks, they always rise to the top of their chosen profession. The King of Spades is the last, most wise and powerful card in the deck. They have a high regard for wisdom, a love of learning, and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success and recognition. They are capable of managing the largest organizations.

They have indecision about love and close relationships and often they forgo marriage for a single life. They are always enterprising and ambitious, rarely lazy or of a lower persuasion. Even though they don’t all reach a high place, all of them have the wisdom and rarely do they sink down to lowly acts. With all their abilities, they are often discontent. This can be channeled as progressiveness or dissatisfaction.

When they go within, to the spiritual realms, they are able to penetrate the deepest secrets with ease. These are the Masters.


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