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King Of Hearts Birth Card

Destiny Birth Card - King of Hearts

King Of Hearts Birth Card Dates

  • 30th June
  • 28th July
  • 26th August
  • 24th September
  • 22nd October
  • 20th November
  • 18th December

Standing at the top of the suit of love, the King Of Hearts Birth Card recognizes that love is the highest power of all. These people make devoted parents, but not always the best spouses. Their devotion to their children and profession often displaces the love they would give their spouse. They do love everyone, forever, its true, but sometimes the wrong associations bring problems.

These people can be overbearing, as all Kings can, but this is only the case when they have been betrayed by those they hold closest to their hearts. From past lives, they bring with them the knowledge of mastery of their emotions and of their family life. Consider yourself blessed if they consider you to be one of their “family”. There are inevitable losses of loved ones in their lives but they know the truth and can let go though they still feel the pain.

Many of them are mentally gifted and sometimes psychic. Much knowledge just flows to them and they use this to rise up to the top in their careers.

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