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Jack Of Diamonds Birth Card

Destiny Birth Card - Jack of Diamonds

Jack Of Diamonds Birth Card Dates

  • 16th January
  • 14th February
  • 12th March
  • 10th April
  • 8th May
  • 6th June
  • 4th July
  • 2nd August

The Jack of Diamonds Birth Card is the salesman’s card. These people are sharp, clever and always able to make a good living using their wit and charm. They are very independent and creative, and operate as much on their instincts as they do on their quick minds. They can always get along and do well in life by virtue of their inherited financial expertise. Few heed the call of their highest ideals and become the King that stands close to them.

Their natural psychic ability can lead them to direct spiritual realization but all Jacks are fixed in their minds and often this prevents them from exploring that which is one of their greatest gifts. All Jacks can be immature and crafty, due to their vast creativity and they usually mean well even when they are not able to come through on their promises.

They love to be social and they are the best salespeople in the zodiac. They must find a career that gives them an outlet for their creativity and recognition of their superior talents. The United States is a Jack of Diamonds (July 4th).

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