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Four Of Spades Birth Card

4 of Spades Destiny Birth Card

4 Of Spades Birth Card Dates

  • 10th January
  • 8th February
  • 6th March
  • 4th April
  • 2nd May

The Four Of Spades Birth Card is the card of satisfaction and protection through hard work. They have one of the most fortunate life paths in terms of money and success and usually enjoy the work they do. Their Saturn card, the Ace of Diamonds, tells us that even though they are fortunate, they usually worry about money anyway, and this can interfere with their own success if not checked.

The Ten of Hearts in Mercury usually gets them instant acceptance at social occasions and they make good communicators or speakers. Fours can be very stubborn and the Four Of Spades has the right to be, with the Ten of Clubs Karma Card. They know a lot and must live by their truth.

The Ten of Diamonds in Venus gives them wealthy friends but they should not place too much emphasis on money with their choice of friends. They usually have a good constitution and health is best cared for by natural methods.

They are a worker card and it is in their work that they find true peace and satisfaction. Often they will align themselves with a humanitarian mission and find great satisfaction there.

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