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Eight Of Hearts Birth Card

Destiny Birth Card - 8 of Hearts

8 Of Hearts Birth Card Dates

  • 31st August
  • 29th September
  • 27th October
  • 25th November
  • 23rd December

The Eight Of Hearts Birth Card has “power in love” and all eights have to exercise discrimination and responsibility in its use. Both karma cards of the Eight of Hearts are sevens. This tells us that they will see almost immediate results when they misuse their power with others. With wisdom and spiritual awareness they can rise to great heights in sharing their love and healing power with others. Operating out of their fear, we find those who are the dominators of those they love and seek to manipulate others through guilt and withholding of affection and acknowledgment. These people have high ideals about love and ¬†relationships, sometimes these ideals are too high to ever be met.

They have great minds, make excellent teachers or they can excel in any occupation where a good mind will make a difference. They have to work hard for the money they make, but it can be made and they need not worry about it.

With all the power at their command, there is little they cannot do, as long as it is not motivated by fear.

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