The Amazing Cards Of Destiny – What Does Your Destiny Hold For You?

Destiny Card Readings

How would you like to know in advance about any influences that can affect your life choices? Know in advance what to look out for in many situations… love life, work life, finances, health and more.

And with Destiny Love Cards, you can find out what makes your partner tick, learn about past life connections. How best to deal with conflicts. Was it love at first sight? Did you instantly trust your partner but can’t explain why? Do you…

Welcome to The Amazing Cards of Destiny…

…the most fascinating mystical science known to man, dating back back to the days of Atlantis, this system has been hidden away until a time when man could fully understand it.

That time is now!

  • Yearly Destiny Report – an amazing insight into your year ahead
  • Love Card Relationship Report – are you and your partner soul mates?
  • Business Relationship Analysis – who would be your best business partner?
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What Do The Cards Say About The Stars?

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Celebrity Destiny Card Profile – Harry Styles

Birth Date: 1st February 1994 Destiny Card: Jack of [...]

  • Destiny Cards Celebrity - Michael Jackson

Celebrity Destiny Card Profile – Michael Jackson

Birth Date: 29th August 1958 Destiny Cards: 10 hearts [...]

  • Celebrity Destiny Cards

Celebrity Destiny Card Profile – David Bowie

Birth Date: 8th January 1947 Destiny Cards: 6 spades [...]

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Have a look here to find out what your Destiny Birth Card says about you! ¬†You can also check out all your friends & families cards too! Go on….. you will be amazed!

A Brief Overview Of The Deck Of Cards

  • 4 SEASONS = 4 suits
  • 12 MONTHS = 12 Crown Cards
  • 13 NEW MOONS per year = 13 Cards per suit
  • 52 WEEKS = 52 Cards
  • 5+2= 7 DAYS IN THE WEEK
  • and again – 7 x 52= 364 DAYS OF THE YEAR
  • The Joker, given a value of 1 1/4, takes up the remnant of days (making our LEAP YEAR).
What's Your Card?

About The Cards

Each card represents a day in the year, so whatever your birthday there is a card that holds a profile for you...
What's Your Card?